va - dream dance vol. 39 (2006)

va - dream dance vol. Mac office nur serial kaufen 39 (2006)
eac rip | 2cds | flac (image) - cue - log | scans complete | release: 2006 | 1,11 gb
genre: trance, euro house, progressive trance | label: sony bmg music | cat#: 82876810102[/center]
01. Dream dance alliance - butterfly (original mix edit) [3:50]
02. Scooter - see me, feel me [4:08]
03. Dj shog - rush hour [3:56]
04. Where to buy os x 10.7 lion Dj dean - kick off (radio edit) [3:17]
05. Ziggy x - drive x-treme [2:50]
06. Pulsedriver - i 2000 nsane (short mix) [3:08]
07. Axel coon - third base [3:55]
08. Bonito & louis - rush (megara vs. Dj lee edit) [3:26]
09. Accuface - pure energy (original radio edit) [3:39]
10. Mindhunters - scream (short cut) [4:04]
11. Grooveyard - mary go wild! adobe illustrator 10 download (ron van den beuken mix) [2:58]
12. Beam - on your mind (sean tyas vocal radio edit) [4:04]
13. Fragma and kirsty hawkshaw - radio waves (davy van eynde remix edit) [3:26]
14. Atb - summer rain (132 bpm mix edit) [4:19]
15. Dj tatana - if i could (ronski speed edit) [3:30]
16. Talla 2xlc - carry me (short cut) [3:54]
17. Ferry corsten - fire (radio edit) [2:45]
18. Ian van dahl - movin
channel 4: grand designs season 1 pdtv

channel 4 - grand designs (season 1) pdtv
english | avi | xvid 1438 kbps 25 fps | 720x528 | mp3 128 kbps 48 khz | 4. 51 gb
genre: documentary

each episode kevin mccloud follows different couples / families who are trying to build / improve a property. They can go from the downright stupid to the most high class and dignified properties.
grand designs is a british television series produced by talkback thames and broadcast on channel 4 which features unusual and often elaborate architectural home-building projects.
the programme has been presented by kevin mccloud since it first aired in april 1999, and 124 episodes have been broadcast in eleven series.
all episodes generally follow a regular format, with small variations depending on the progress of the build. At the beginning of an episode, mccloud meets the clients embarking on the project; he visits the site with them, and discusses the plans for the building. A computer visualisation or computer-aided design view of the intended project is shown. Once ground work commences, he visits the site periodically, following the build progress, noting any changes, hitches or delays; the build frequently runs over budget and completes later than scheduled. Mccloud will often do a piece to camera concentrating on any unique materials or features in the house. He visits again once the building is then made watertight, and the first and second fixes have commenced. He makes a final visit to the site in its finished or near-finished state, once the occupants have moved in. A tour of the house is then given; mccloud brings the episode to a close summarising the house, its construction, and his opinions.
if a house is unlikely to be completed before filming finishes, it will often be revisited in a later episode. In more recent series, mccloud revisits past unfinished builds once they have been completed and may stay overnight. adobe illustrator 10 download
the properties featured in grand designs are hugely varied in style and design, from underground homes to converted water towers to buildings constructed in methods of sustainable architecture; the only common factor is that they are all unusual or extravagant.


download link:


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http://www. Uploadstation. Com/file/dwgrhxk/rand_designs_series_1. Part2_2. Rar
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http://www. Uploadstation. Com/file/jbcx5cw/grand_designs_series_1. Part4. Rar
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irt - deadliest roads: dead man is canyon (2011) 720p-hdtv-x264 momentum

irt - deadliest roads: dead man's canyon (2011) 720p-hdtv-x264 momentum
english | 00:43:59 | h264 | 1280x720 | 29. 97fps 4471 kbps | ac3 128 kbps 48. 0khz | 1. Download mac os x 10.6 to computer 37 gib
genre: documentary

trucker hugh rowland takes on an old donkey trail with some dynamite during his nearly impossible climb into the andes. The trucking team of lisa kelly and g. W. Boles drive head-first into "dead nun canyon," praying their truck isn't too big for the miles and miles of hand-carved tunnels in front of them. Tim zickuhr and tino rodriguez aim to take on the canyons as well... If their mishaps don't stop them cold again.



http://filepost. Com/files/d57eaace/720p. adobe illustrator 10 download Hdtv. X264-momentum. Part1. Rar
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city of god (2002) 720p bluray x264

city of god (2002) 720p bluray x264
matroska | 3. 125 gib | 1280x688 | avc @ 3 070 kbps | portuguese with english sub | ac3 @ 384 kbps - 6 channels | 2h 9mn
genre: crime | drama

brazil, 2000 1960 s, city of god. The tender trio robs motels and gas trucks. Younger kids watch and learn well... Too well. 1970 s: li l ze has prospered very well and owns the city. He causes violence and fear as he wipes out rival gangs without mercy. His best friend bene is the only one to keep him on the good side of sanity. Rocket has watched these two gain power for years, and he wants no part of it. Yet he keeps getting swept up in the madness. All he wants to do is take pictures. 1980 s: things are out of control between the last two remaining gangs... Will it ever end? Welcome to the city of god.

download city of god (2002) 720p bluray x264
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nostradamus - a storm of dreams (1988)

nostradamus - a storm of dreams (1988)
new age, enigmatic | mp3 | ~230 kbps | 15 tracks | 107 mb

01. The whisper of an angel 05:30
02. Amarilli (radio edit) 03:52
03. Dreamin' a' you 03:09
04. A storm of dreams 03:55
05. Save me 05:48
06. Blame it all on my love 03:49
07. Forever's kiss 06:04
08. Yeah ie ie 03:10
09. The children of the stars 04:54
10. Stars and stone 03:50
11. Know sin 04:18
12. The whisper of an angel (vocal mix) 02:36
13. In principio erat verbum 03:01
14. Save me (short mix) 04:11
15. A storm of dreams (radio mix) 03:11

http://www. Wupload. Com/file/196820928/nostradamusstormdreams. Rar


Parrot Island is a non-profit sanctuary for rescued parrots. We aim to provide a safe keeping for these animals, as well as ponies...

If you're in the Okanagan Valley - do come pay us a visit and experience how amazing talkative birds can be...bring the kids to pet the ponies or play on the grass, even have a lunch picnic on the benches under the shady trees...

Phone: 250 - 767 9030

Entrance Fee


Adult                   $6

Senior                 $5

Children(3+)         $4

Kids under 3     FREE

Become part of our organisation, or offer your assistance  -  visit or