Parrot Island is a non-profit sanctuary for rescued parrots. We aim to provide a safe keeping for these animals, as well as ponies...

If you're in the Okanagan Valley - do come pay us a visit and experience how amazing talkative birds can be...bring the kids to pet the ponies or play on the grass, even have a lunch picnic on the benches under the shady trees...

Phone: 250 - 767 9030
Email: parrotisland@shaw.ca

Entrance Fee

soccer bashi v1. 0-theta

soccer bashi v1. 0-thetalanguage: englih | pc | developer: icon games | publisher: icon games | 321 mb
genre: soccer sim[/center]
a built-in game editor offers unlimited level design possibilities, or play through the 90 game levels over several different play modes, including arcade and customisable tournaments.


aliens 1986 mhd [600mb] frswp

aliens 1986 mhd [600mb] frswp | 600 mb

154 mins | 920 x 384 | 25fps | mkv | aac - 128kbs | 602 mb
genre: action | sci-fi | thriller

after colonist, ellen ripley survived her disastrous ordeal. Nobody believed her story about the aliens being on the planet lv-426. However, approximately 50 years later, the colony on lv-426 was completely destroyed. The government has decided to send ripley out of cryostasis and to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines into the desolate planet to find out if there are aliens, or survivors. But, what ripley will begin to realize that her worst nightmare is about to come true. how to keep using adobe illustrator trial on mac
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opensuse 12. 2 milestone 1 (i686/x86/64)

opensuse 12. 2 milestone 1 (i686/x86/64) | 8,46 gb

opensuse 12. 2 (milestone 1), the final release is expected on july 11. It is noted that changes in the first test release until a little bit, it is positioned as a starting point for finding ways to extend the functionality of opensuse 12. 1. Nevertheless, some updated the software (for example, kde 4. 8), and involved a new visual theme.

additionally, we note the announcement of the project yast + +, in which the work is under way to establish a library service with the implementation of standard functions to change the system configuration. Using this library of third-party applications will be flexible configuration management of the distribution. In the future we plan to use the yast + + library as the basis for low-level staff of the configuration distribution (different versions of the interface yast, webyast, suse studio, etc. ).

architecture yast + + includes a library of functions to the implementation of high-ylib api and a set of agents, configuration, interacting with the library through the d-bus. Os x lion 10.7 The agents are directly involved in the adjustment of configuration files, and the interaction with the system. Agents run as root, but rather provides a flexible system of privileges based on role definitions (used policykit), which allows users to delegate access to certain actions. An interesting feature is that the agents used to create a language of ruby, while the yast modules for classical language developed at ycp (yast control programming), from which the developers intend to use in future refuse. Code library ylib also written in ruby, but in the future we plan to create bindings for various programming languages.

angry birds: total latest collection

angry birds: total latest collection
release date: 2011 | developer\publisher: rovio | pc | language: english | genre: arcade, strategy | 118. 67 mb

the survival of the angry birds is at stake. Photoshop buy immediately Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the birds' eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the angry birds to lay waste to the pigs' fortified castles. Angry birds features hours of gameplay, challenging phys-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

angry birds pack includes:

-angry birds seasons hd 1. 5. 1
-angry birds rio 1. 2. 2
-angry birds 1. 6. 3. 1

run the install exe then copy the cracked launcher exe to the install location you picked. Launch the game and enter the key. Enjoy



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earth defense force: insect armageddon -repack by r. Where to buy adobe illustrator program in toronto G. How do i purchase mac os x 10.6 cheap Packers [eng/2011]

earth defense force: insect armageddon -repack by r. windows 8 oem download for mac G. Packers [eng/2011] | 1,23 gb
2011 | pc game | english | developer: vicious cycle | publisher: d3publisher
genre: action (shooter) / 3d / 3rd person

earth defense force: insect armageddon in the aliens are back to enslave earth, and only an elite unit of earth defense force (edf) can fight back. The main point of conflict is detroit, and in order to stop the advance of a swarm of beetles, people are willing to sacrifice the whole city, and to compare it to the ground.

earth defense force: insect armageddon - the sequel ekshena earth defense force 2017. The gameplay has remained virtually such as above. buy photoshop cs5 upgrade In campaign mode up to three players can withstand the hordes of aliens completely destroys the city, and for more successful hunting extraterrestrial enemies available more than cl types of weapons, as well as four upgradable armor sets. In addition, there is a mode of survival, which can take up to six players. It will have to confront a group of fighters endless stream of the most ferocious newcomers.

survive and conquer: in a special mode survival mode six desperate men will have to hold back the hordes of enemy pressure - each will fiercely attack the previous one.
the grand battle: provide a fitting rebuff to the hordes of assorted aliens - from huge ants and spiders to robots hundred-meter.
it should therefore be: in the fight for the survival of humanity can be no compromise! Blast the skyscrapers and destroy entire neighborhoods - center invasion must be destroyed at any cost.
any funds: becoming a fighter earth defense force, you will receive at their disposal four types of armor that can be improved, as well as over one hundred fifty weapons, including assault and sniper rifles, grenade launchers and mortars.
shoulder to shoulder: complete the campaign can be with one another, united by a local network or the internet

system requirements:
operating system: windows xp, vista, 7;
processor: intel pentium dual core 2 ghz;
memory: 1gb (windows xp) / 2gb (windows vista / 7);
video: c 512 mb of video memory and support shader model 3 (amd radeon 4350 / nvidia geforce 7900);
sound card or compatible with directx. ;
free space on hdd: 6 gb;

features repacka:
do not cut | no recoded
installation time: 10 - 5 min
author repacka: sharingan [rg packers]


Adult                   $6

Senior                 $5

Children(3+)         $4

Kids under 3     FREE

Become part of our organisation, or offer your assistance  -  visit www.friendsofparrotsanctuary.org or www.parrotisland.net