sr5 rock bass

sr5 rock bass | 8. 28 gb

incredible ease of play in real time - sr5 spm (super performance multi)
control device vulture (fretboard monitor)
automatic recognition of glissandos (auto stroke detection)
slipping legato in real time (realtime legato slide)
appointed by switching keys (assignable key switch)
there are samples to the lowest notes (low c - low re-sharp)
direct signals from the bass guitar
perfectly sampled sounds - all odds, for each string. Buy product key office 2007 online
for all frets and strings recorded noises touch. download mac os x 10.6 snow leopard

thanks to the sr5 spm (super performance multi), you can play ultra-realistic bass tracks in real time. Different techniques and methods of playing are available at any time: without interrupting your game, you can build, and very fast, compelling tracks for the bass.
slipping legato in real-time
ascending and descending legato in real-time
trills in real time
tremolo touch in real time
noise and touch mute
descending glissando
natural flageolet
neck noises
tapping noise
noises from the mediator
noise from the nut
noises release string
special effects and noise
and so on.

control device vulture

spm function automatically selects the desired position of the string / fingerboard, depending on the situation. Also, a string can be changed manually using the key switch. Control device vulture (fretboard monitor) visually displays the current position of the neck and used technique.

automatic recognition of glissando

with the function spm auto stroke detection, spm automatically detects the current position of the bits and indicates the required direction of the glissando (up or down). There are several modes of recognition glissando, and besides, you can control the direction of glissando hand.

appointed by switching keys

for all tools spm works function assigns switching keys (assignable key switch), which allows you to assign any keyboard shortcuts for each spm-tool. Also, if you need any spm-tools can be combined in a multi-tool and assign them keyboard shortcuts, create your own spm-tuning.

there are samples to the lowest notes

the product sr5 rock bass captured musicman
humour photos collection

humour photos collection
90 jpg | 379x500 - 500x700 | 9. 6 mb

download links :


silent scream: the dancer v1. 0 - macosx - cracked game-eres

silent scream: the dancer v1. 0 - macosx - cracked game-eres
year: 2011 | macosx | english | publisher/developer: big fish games | 203. 74 mb
genres: hidden object puzzle adventure

you, as jennifer, have to solve a perplexing mystery and save her only daughter in silent scream: the dancer! download mac os x 10.6 snow leopard After leaving work one night, jennifer is chased by a mysterious group of people. She is almost successful in her escape, but is knocked unconcious. After waking up, she discovers that her daughter has been kidnapped! Help her track down her daughter and save the day in this exciting hidden object puzzle adventure game!

system requirements:

* os: macosx
* cpu: 2. 0 ghz
* ram: 512 mb
* directx: 9. Os x 10.5 leopard 0
* hard drive: 228 mb



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shutterstock - floral designs 1

shutterstock - floral designs 1
8 eps | jpg preview | 9. 58 mb

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